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Fun robotics classes for young children aged 4 to 7

Why teach young children to code?


Coding helps children understand the world around them

We are surrounded by technology that someone has coded for our use: cellphones, iPads,iPods, car navigation systems, google, online shopping, youtube…  it is everywhere!


Coding allows children to create with Technology

They can be a user of Technology and not just a consumer which is empowering!


Coding develops problem solving skills, perseverance and builds confidence

The process of getting code to work is an important learning opportunity!

Coding is open to everyone and is a great way for girls to get involved with technology from a young age

Everyone having the same opportunities available to them which will allow them to pursue a career in Tech or Engineering!

Coding prepares them for the future

Careers which use or require knowledge of coding such as Software Developers, Computer Engineers, Computer Architects and more, this area is growing and in particular the Western Cape which has the largest Tech sector in Africa. Not to mention the entrepreneurial opportunities!


BusyBots was started by Sarah Hart, a mom of two young children. Sarah graduated from UCT
in 2010 with a degree in BSc(Eng) Electrical and Computer Engineering. After several years working in the industry she decided to make a change that combined her passion for education and technology and in 2017 Sarah started BusyBots robotics classes for young children.